Let’s talk about breakfast. We all go through different preferences on how we should start the day. Most Filipinos are into heavy meals as we enjoy rice with our favorite morning dish. It varies from a wide range of dried fish, or of favorites like tocino or tapa. And who can resist the Pinoy classic “kankamtuy” (kanin, kamatis and tuyo). But some would also prefer the lighter choices of pancakes or waffles, or enjoy the simple combination of scrambled eggs and pandesal. Some take delight from the tasteful joy of fruits.

Imagine a place where you can freely choose from a variety of breakfast menu. Craving for the Pinoy delicacies? Have a taste of pandesal, kesong puti, tuyo confit, dangit or dried pusit from our Laguna and San Pablo Samplers. How about a heavy English Breakfast to get you driven throughout the day? Or simply tickle your taste buds to our foreign delicacies of Huevos Rancheros or Shakshuka. Looking for a lighter meal? Have a slice of loaf dipped in egg, served with bacon, eggs and honey. Maybe you can treat yourself to fluffy waffles served with banana and Nutella sauce and almond praline. And just how can anyone not enjoy the aroma from a morning cup of hot coffee?

No matter what your heart desires, Samuel’s Plate got you covered. So next time you ask yourself, “where’s the best place to start the day?”, just think of the luscious meals we’re preparing just for you. It’s a heartfelt service from us to you, so start your day right at Samuel’s Plate Gastropub. See you in the morning!


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